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We'd just left University, with our degrees and doctorates. We thought we could change the world, but all we wound up doing was making coffee."
The Background:
Principia Malefex and Nocturne were first released in 1997. It was re-launched in 2000 with Best of Friends, followed by Foolís Paradise. In 2002 rights to the game switched to Ragged Angel Ltd, and the Hidden line was launched with "Family Ties" in October 2002.

What makes Malefex different?
Mainly it is the fact that there are few monsters, which are rarely encountered, there is little or no organised or identifiable opposition, and the characters won't often know whose side they are actually on. Character death is rare, although there are a number of other fates out there for them.

Why is Malefex a mature content game?
It features drug abuse, grief, loss, crime and other adult themes. The game encourages players to treat these themes in a mature manner, and with respect. Quite simply, it is unlikely that young or inexperienced players would enjoy it.

If Malefex is so bleak and depressing, why play it?
Malefex games are designed to involve a lot of thinking and hard choices, which is why it is a mature content game. There isn't always a way to win, but this doesn't make the PCs' actions worthless. Malefex is very much like reality. The PCs' actions rarely affect large-scale events, but they matter to the people they do affect.
Many games start with the PCs as observers, not directly involved, and let them pull out at any time. Walking away is an easy and convenient option, just not the right one.

And if the players donít want to get involved?
By Destiny, fate or sheer dumb chance, the PCs have been marked as people who may make a difference, and are given opportunities to do so. Of course, this doesn't mean they have to take advantage of them, but it is going to be a very dull game if they don't.
There are no limits on the world and what you can do with it. If, in a world of vampires and sorcerers, shape shifters and hunters, supernaturals and legends, your players decide they want their characters to make the coffee, then yes its going to be a boring and realistically depressing game. But they might need to aim a little higher...

So what can I play?
PCs can be anything from a saint to a serial killer, all in the guise of the person on the street. In a world that utterly denies magic, they can be a mage of incredible power, or a legendary supernatural.

Where can I find neutral reviews of the game?
Try our Reviews page, available through the Product catalogue, or click here to go there directly. 

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