More about Malefex

Malefex is a "dark" game. We have classified it as horror because that is what it is closest to, but it differs a great deal from the industry norm. There is supernatural in the game but it is kept far in the background. Horror is far more likely to come from what one character does to another

For Example:
One character put a drug in another's drink. As a result the drugged character became hyperactive and jumped off a balcony, barely surviving. The police traced the character who spiked the drink and successfully prosecuted. When the character got out of jail, his former business partner tracked him down and threatened civil prosecution. The character couldn't afford to fight this, so accepted a contract saying he would work for the other for five years receiving only £20 a week of his wages to pay off the damages.
         For those of you who missed this, it is the equivalent of indentured slavery.
(And, if it isn't clear enough already, we do not in any way endorse drug taking.)

What makes Malefex different from other horror roleplays?
Mainly it is the fact that there are few monsters (and the characters won't often run into them), there is little or no organised or identifiable opposition, and the characters won't often know whose side they are actually on. Character death is rare, although there are a number of other fates out there for them.

Where is Malefex available from?
If you are in the UK, the game is available from us directly (drop us an E-Mail), or through a retailers like Maidstone Games or Leisure Games, and others in the UK.
         Outside the UK, Malefex is now available from Noble Knight Games in the US. As their shipping costs are lower we suggest US and Canadian customers view their site before ordering.
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