This section supplies support materials for the game in .rtf, .html and .pdf format.
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Disclaimer: Files in .doc or .rtf can be edited and altered on your computer. We are supplying them in this format for convienience to allow you to update them if you wish. However we take no responsibility for the contents of any files that you alter or amend in this way.

UPDATED: The Errata, Scholars and Crooks NPC packs are all new or Updated.

PDF Booklets

Errata for Principia Malefex v1.2 pdf.pdf (497K)
Best of Friends pdf.pdf (362K)
NPC Pack 1: Scholars pdf.pdf (1.1M)
NPC Pack 2: Petty Criminals pdf.pdf (800Kb)

Additional Downloads


Index - an index for the revised edition of Malefex Word.rtf (7K)
V1.0 C+ Malefex Character Generator (674K)
V1.1 C+ Malefex Character Generator
-by Matt Retallack, (Terms of Use)
exe.exe (628K)
V1.1 Character Sheet
- A5 size character sheet
pdf.pdf (216K)
V1.1 Character Sheet
- A4 size character sheet (2 sides)
pdf.pdf (394K)

Online Character Generator
- Generate a Malefex character with a Javascript engine online now. (can save in .txt or .html to your machine.)