About the Authors


Malefex is now owned and published by Ragged Angel Ltd. Founded in 2002 to take over publication of the game, Ragged Angel still has some of the original writers on staff.

The Original Team (1997)
Caffeine Freak.
Responsible for the single-handed consumption of Brazil's yearly coffee crop.
Has been known to suffer shaking if coffee is withdrawn. Also known for writing bad poetry to said drink.
Responsible for the original Geocities webpage, one of the stories in Malefex, and the single largest mistake made during Malefex's setting up period. Tends to wear black a lot, and is generally not a morning person.

Eternal Optimist
Disturbing tendancy to bounce around, and to be wide awake before 11:00 am. (should not be allowed). Friendly, cheerful, outgoing, big collection of baseball caps and manga videos, and capable of driving other two writers up the wall on very short notice. Solar Powered: his brain switches off when the sun goes down.
Also possibly the sole reason why Malefex managed to get noticed at EuroGencon.
Was prevented from writing for the game on the grounds that his work was too nice.

Slave Driver
Purely Nocturnal (goes well with Eternal Optimist). Tendancy to get stressed and panicky, and to do best work in one of these two states. Spent EuroGencon with the others trying to stop her talking to customers on the grounds that she was too obviously terrified of them.
Can honestly claim that there is only one page in Malefex she didn't have a hand in, if not write.

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