Violent Nights

This was a solo game based on the Violent Nights scenario from Nocturne. There was one player whose character was Robert Monroe, a Clerk at the local chemicals plant. Robert Monroe, age 42, has seen it and done it all before but has still got nowhere.

Thurs 12th March
Last night there was another joyrider giving the police the run-around The burnt out car was seen on the main road out of town towards the large pharmeceutical plant.
         Work progressed as normal for him, boring as usual, just another mundane day. That night Monroe was in his local off-licence when a young kid Alex Jamis ran out with stolen goods. Monroe tried to stop him, but to no avail. When he went back outside again, his car windows had been smashed in. He drove his wreck home, and tried to forget what had just happened. When he gets back he finds that his apartment has been broken into, burgled and vandalised. Later that night, two kids disappear, Alex Jamis being one of them.
         Later that night the off licence is ram raided and the owner severely injured as he tried to stop the event.

Fri 13th March
Monroe phones in to get the morning off, the police turn up to deal with last night's burglary. He phones the insurance, and then heads in to work. At work that day, Monroe is asked if he can work saturday in Research, as they need an extra pair of hands. He agrees, having no real choice. The rest of the working day progresses like any other.
         Later that evening, Monroe goes out and gets drunk, to avoid what is going on. On the news, the disappearance of the two boys is noted.

Sat 14th March
Monroe wakes up with a hangover, and drags himself into work. He is shut in a small room, with some locked filing cabinets which the chief scientist unlocks and deals with before Monroe can see what is going on. Later on, a van pulls up to the factory. The scientists from research all rush out, and get the van in, much to Monroe's and security's surprise. Ten minutes later, Monroe is told he can have the rest of the day off. He goes out and decides to get very drunk with his friends.
         At the pub, he sees Nathan Walsh walk in and sit down. He makes a few disparaging comments about Walsh, who approches him. Walsh then has a premonition in the middle of the pub, saying that Monroe can help him. Monroe laughs him off, and Walsh then says he doesn't remember what just happened. However, a local news team get hold of this, and combined with the fact that two nights ago, two local lads went missing, proceed to give Monroe the third degree, although Monroe denies all knowledge of being connected with the event.

Sunday 15th March
Monroe is woken up at 8am by the parents of the two children demanding to know what he knows. He finally convinces that he knows nothing although they seem unconvinced.
         Later on he is woken up by a news crew who just want to talk. Monroe meets Walsh in a local bar, having seen himself plastered across TV screens as a possible person to be involved. He agrees to help Walsh if he will call off the Media. Walsh agrees, revealing that he knew exactly what had happened, but he doesn't know how Monroe will help him. That evening he returns to the factory, and sneaks into research using the pass key from the research centre that hasn't been returned. There he finds that he cannot gain access to the inner labs, but finds some interesting documents. Later that evening he finds out that his friend, had been working at the labs and had gone missing, his car found burnt out over a cliff edge.

Monday 16th March
Monroe wakes up and finds a package in the mail, from his friend. It details the long term side effects of some of the drugs produced, and gives details of some test subjects in the lab. He photocopies them, and then hides them in his flat. He takes the morning off, to get his house fixed, and then meets Walsh giving him a look at the documents. After that he is met by the police at his flat looking for his friend. He denies any knowledge of where he might be. He heads in to work, where a new temp has come in to help out. He works late, noticing that a group of campaigners has built up around the site, protesting about animal rights.
         He goes home, and then sneaks back and joins the protesters, having seen that Walsh was there. With the protesters, he and Walsh organise a break-in. They break in around the back, and using Monroe's pass key, sneak into the lab. This however sets off the alarms.
         Inside, Monroe and the protesters begin raiding offices and files. Walsh wanders off to the labs themselves. Monroe realises he is missing and finds him in the inner labs, holding onto a woman. They then run out, and head back to the fence. Most of them escape, but a couple are caught by security. Walsh tells Monroe that if he needs help just think about it, and then disappears into the crowd. Monroe goes home and sleeps.

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