How to Play

If you've played table-top roleplay before, Malefex works along the same lines, although the game's background and atmosphere is unique. If you haven't then the below should answer some questions.

To play Malefex you need:
A copy of the Principia Malefex main rulebook, or "Best of Friends"
Pen and Paper
Polyhedral dice
a group of friends (2 or more, but we suggest 3-6)

Setting up the game
One person (normally the game's owner) is the Gamesmaster. The rest are players. Each player needs a character (choose the pre-gened PCs from Best of Friends, or roll characters if you're using the main book).

If you've never played or run a roleplay game before, we suggest using Best of Friends, rather than the full rules. If you have any questions you'd like answered when running your first game, then email us and we'll help if we can.
      If it is your first time roleplaying, you may be better off finding an existing group and playing a few games before you run one.
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