If you are running a convention and looking for convention support, please contact Malefex will be at the following conventions this year:

Dragonmeet 2004 - 4th December 2004
London's best one-day games convention. See for information.

Past Conventions

Gencon UK 2003
A four day convention in Kensington in London. My frank opinions are on our discussion list, but we would not be going again due to major flaws in the set-up. (Since this was written we have heard EuroGencon 2004 has been postponed indefinitely.)

Dragonmeet 2002 - 30th November 2002
A one day convention in Kensington in London. It went reasonably well for us, and we ran several demos.

Spiel - 17th-20th October 2002
The largest Games convention in Europe was held in Essen. We went, we saw, we sold stuff. What else can I say? Despite an initial hitch when our books arrived damaged with saltwater it went reasonably well.

Dudley Bug Ball - 11-12th May 2002
A two day roleplay convention in Birmingham, run by Britannia Games (Chivalry and Sorcery) and SF UK. Trading generally was a little slow, but we gave out over 100 copies of "Best of Friends", sold several bundles, and had a very good weekend. We'd really like to go back next year, if we can.

Salute - April 27th 2002
London's main wargames convention, held in Kensington Olympia by South London Warlords. Despite being one of very few companies selling roleplay games there (and I think, the only publisher) we had a pretty successful convention. The Bad: The fact we can't take credit cards definitely hit our sales, and we were listed as a demo rather than a participation game in the programme, meaning we got limited number of players for the demos. The Good: we pretty much ran out of business cards, had only ten "Best of Friends" left, and had a very enjoyable day. Overall: We'd like to attend next year, though its a bit early to make definite plans yet.


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