The World

  "We'd just left University, with our degrees and diploma and doctorates. We thought we could change the world, but all we wound up doing was making coffee."

Parents leave their offspring to do as they please, defending the evil that results, as they wish not their own to be recognised or blamed. They give nothing and take constantly, uncaring of those they take from, for they believe they are owed - perhaps they should think of the sick and the dying whose money they steal.
           Doctors help those they can to live, even when life is pain, for they cannot do otherwise. Were the pain inflicted by another the victim's suffering would soon end, yet when it is disease or injury who are the tormentors, the doctors must be their accomplices.
           Above this, in steel and glass towers, corporate knights duel with diamond pens in a war of words, striving to rule a fantasy world of stocks and bonds and numbers. Each day another triumph, another victim, but no one keeps the crown for long, or is remembered by those who succeed them. Corporations, like dinosaurs, tear and strike at one another in the insane pointless dance of trade, healing setbacks in moments. Until at last one falls and the others tear it apart and subsume it, while lesser companies fight for the scraps, and asset-strippers scavenge what they can.
           There are those out there, not merely part of one world, but of them all, seeking a living in the shadows inside the steel spires, unnoticed by the corporations they are part of, fearing the half seen darkness on the streets around them. In the day they work as they live, in the night return to their homes and watch their television and pretend that everything is alright and that there was nothing they could do if it was not.
           The good among them fight for others' rights. They comfort a few and in places their work endures for a few moments and makes others feel happier with the lie that nothing is wrong. Most will not act - yet do not think of themselves as evil. They are happy in their lives and blind to the shadow at the edge of vision and if on occasion they feel sorrow or unease, they do not know for what it is they grieve.
© Copyright A.Whetton 1997.
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