The Bridge

One night one of the characters is walking back home over a bridge that lie on his route. Hearing a noise, he looks round and sees a girl standing on the edge of the bridge looking into the water. She is staring downwards and seems oblivious of her surroundings. If he calls out or approaches her, she will turn round and watch him. If he does not bring his presence to her attention she will swing herself up onto the bridge’s stone wall and pause slightly, sitting out over the edge. It is quite apparent that if she jumps she will be killed. If the character takes no action then she will look round at the world, close her eyes and let go. The character might decide to talk her down, in which case she will need to be persuaded. Mention of hope, or comments like "it’s not that bad." will tend to make her laugh, rather bitterly. It is possible to talk her round but it won’t be easy. If the character approaches she will threaten to let go. It is possible to grab her in which case she is likely to struggle. A male character will have a far harder time of talking her round than a female.
           If she is not saved, then the local press will feature the suicide. When they discover the local anti-vandalism camera footage showing the character walking past the character will get crucified, and not just by the local press. If the character tries to save her, but fails there wil be a brief story on his bravery. If on the other hand he succeeds there will be a fairly large feature on it, especially when it is discovered that the girl is the daughter of two local extreme Christians who threw her out of their house when she was attacked by a mugger, saying she provoked it.

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