Principia Malefex

Javascript Character generator: v1.0
Technical Specs

This has been tested and designed for Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4. The appearance is controlled by a stylesheet, so it will look different on Netscape 4. It may work on version 3 browsers, though the appearance will not pull in correctly.

The final window creates a web page of your character. To allow it to save as one file, no images have been used to hold the table to size, so the page may distort when reloaded.

There are a number of ways to cheat when creating characters using this generator, the simplest being to alter the .html file when it is downloaded. We've taken out the most obvious ones, but otherwise, this tool uses the honour system: if you do decide to cheat it is between you and your GM/players. Remember, if a GM wants to disallow a character made using this tool, they can.

We are working on improving the Character Generator at the moment. If you have any bugs to report, or any suggestions for improvement, please contact me at
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